New Lessons Added to Wowza Streaming Engine E-learning Course

New lessons have been added to our Wowza Streaming Engine Course E-learning Course.  The course, Getting Up and Running with Wowza Streaming Engine, now includes new modules on some advanced topics. The new modules include Deploying DRM with the Wowza and BuyDRM’s KeyOS Platform, and Configuring A Wowza Origin with Amazon CloudFront Edge Servers. 

Some of the new lessons included in the course are the following: 

  • KeyOS MultiPack Wowza Module Set-up and Configuration
  • Testing Encryption with A Sample Streaming URL
  • Media Player Set-up and Configuration with BuyDRM (KeyOS WebPlay player)
  • Testing Playback with Media Player (KeyOS WebPlay player)
  • Creating An Amazon CloudFront Distribution
  • Creating An Origin on Wowza Streaming Engine
  • Testing Playback of Amazon CloudFront  with VLC and Safari

With the new updates, the course now consists of over 75 lessons, and also includes quizzes.  The course includes over 3 hours of video in concise and logical chunks that accelerate learning and enhance retention. 

For individuals looking to learn more about Wowza Streaming Engine as well as advanced topics, our  on-demand e-learning course wil  be perfect for them.   You can purchase the Wowza course, “Getting Up and Running with Wowza Streaming Engine” today from Streaming Learning Center for $199.  This course will help you get up-to-speed quickly with Wowza Streaming.