OBS Studio Another Useful Live Streaming Tool 

OBS Studio is another useful Live Streaming tool for media events, sporting events, Church services, university events, and other streaming projects. Many features are available in the open source software supported on Windows, Mac, and Linux. One great benefit is that it’s free.  This means it’s a significant competitor to other live streaming applications available for purchase.

The OBS Studio is video production switcher in software like many other tools and you can use it to send live streams or record videos to disk. Streaming options include the following: RTMP Server, Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitter/Periscope, and other CDNS.  Most importantly, OBS Studio works with my favorite streaming server, Wowza Streaming Engine.

Types of video and audio source include options such as: audio, video, media sources, images, display capture, browser source, video capture devices, game capture, Blackmagic devices, VLC video source, and many more choices.  If you need a good live streaming application and you’d like to try the “free” route, give OBS Studio a try.  Stay tuned to our blog to to learn more about OBS Studio. What’s great is OBS Studio can also do low latency streaming. Also, keep in mind there are many organizations that use OSB Studio for live streaming.

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